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Otolaryngology Associates

“I was tired of people telling me ‘I couldn’t do that’. WDD showed me that I could.”
Tim Hornung, Administrator for Otolayrngology and Associates



Otolaryngology Associates (OA) originally approached WDD because it had needs to automate sending faxes. After talking through the scope of the custom software development project, OA quickly discovered that it wasn’t just a fax issue that they needed to fix, it was an entire system integration issue. With four separate systems, they were riddled with inefficiencies and wasting hundreds of employees hours every year.


The software created by WDD, dubbed the Transcription Cube, connects these systems together, allowing them to communicate and move the workflow together as one. It may be easiest to understand the scope of this software by walking step-by-step through OA’s workflow and how the Transcription Cube – WDD’s custom software solution for OA – connects the dots!



  • Step 1: A primary care physician refers a patient to OA, where the patient’s info is logged and appointment is scheduled into RidgeMark, their practice management system. From here doctors can access patient background before they have their visit.
  • Step 2: During a patient visit, the doctor dictates his notes into a voice recorder. He then uploads these notes either through Dragon Dictate or Global Medical Transcription, which then transcribes these notes directly to the Transcription Cube.
  • Step 3: The fully transcribed notes that are in the transcription cube are now directly transferred to OA’s electronic medical records system, SRS. Before, doctors would have to upload and update these transcriptions themselves, now the Transcription Cube removes that human element and publishes them immediately after they are transcribed.
  • Step 4: The Transcription Cube then faxes the referring and/or primary care physician a letter documenting the results of that patient’s visit. With over 700 faxes sent a week, OA was spending hundreds of hours every year sending faxes.By simply eliminating such a time consuming task, the ROI on the Transcription Cube will be seen within the first 27 months of deployment. This ROI does not take into consideration any other features or efficiencies designed into the Transcription Cube.  The overall ROI for the Transcription Cube will conservatively be seen within 12 months of deployment.
  • Bonus: An active directory integration with the Transcription Cube means that as soon as users log onto their computers, they have access to the Transcription Cube and all of its integrations.


The Transcription Cube takes system integration services to a new level by connecting four separate systems into one seamless workflow. Otolaryngology Associates, like any medical practice, depends on efficient and quality service to maintain its margins. By streamlining a patient visit workflow, overhead expenses can be reduced.

Tim Hornung, Administrator for OA said this about working with WDD, “I was tired of people telling me ‘I couldn’t do that’. WDD showed me that I could. WDD knows technology and I know my business. They gave me the options I really needed to take. The process of working with WDD delegated the right amount of control to the right people at the right time.”

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